Denise Nassenstein (BSc Microbiology Switzerland, BA Alcohol Drug Studies): www.nassenstein.co.nz

Ms Nassenstein has ten years experience as a senior clinician at CADS, the Alcohol and Drug dual diagnosis team (dealing with addictions and co-existing mental health disorders) at Capital and Coast Health. Ms Nassenstein has extensive experience treating addictions and behavioural problems and was instrumental in establishing the first dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) programme for substance users in New Zealand.

DBT is an evidence based treatment for individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and is an evolution of Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT). Ms Nassenstein helped to adapt the programme to treat patients with BPD who were also addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. To contact Denise go to: www.nassenstein.co.nz

Roger Brooking (BA Political Science, Dip Alcohol Drug Studies): brookingblog.com

Mr Brooking established his own company, ADAC Ltd in 2004 providing alcohol and drug assessments to the Courts and the Parole Board. Through his work at the interface of the justice and health sectors, Mr Brooking has become increasingly concerned about the lack of alcohol and drug treatment programmes available in the community and the subsequent difficulties which judges have mandating drink drivers (and other offenders) into treatment. He has been quoted in numerous media articles highlighting this issue for some years now.

Author of Flying Blind: How the justice system perpetuates crime and the Corrections Department fails to correct

Denise Nassenstein and Roger Brooking are both are currently accredited to the Justice Department in Wellington to provide alcohol & drug assessments for the Courts. Both also conduct alcohol and drug assessments for Land Transport New Zealand for drink drivers seeking to regain their driver’s licence after an indefinite disqualification (under section 65).

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