How to get your licence back

Drink drive imageThis page relates to drink drivers who have been disqualified indefinitely under section 65 of the Land Transport Act 1998 (or section 30A of the Transport Act 1962). It does not apply to anyone disqualified for a fixed period such as one year, or one year one day.

The minimum period of disqualification for an ‘indefinite’ is one year and one day (which is not the same as being disqualified for a fixed period of one year and one day).  Once the minimum period has been served, you can begin the process of regaining your driver’s license. If you were disqualified indefinitely, there are three steps to regain your license.

StepStep One: You’ll have to have an AOD assessment and prove to the satisfaction of the assessor and NZTA that you’ve dealt with your alcohol or drug problem. The assessment includes a liver function test. The test measures the level of key enzymes in your bloodstream which give some indication of whether your liver is under stress – which may be due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Step Two: This information is sent to the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) with a recommendation that you should (or should not) get your licence back. If the NZTA agrees, they will send you a letter advising that your disqualification has been removed.

Step Three: On receipt of this letter, you then have to resit your driver’s licence.

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